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New Biolase Waterlase Dental Laser

Feb 10 • 3 minute read

Ssh the secret is out, painless dentistry is in!

Top reasons why your patients fear the dentist include pain, needles, numbness and sounds. Well laser dentistry is addressing all of those pain points and Biolase Waterlase is leading the way!

Biolase is leading the "No shot, no drill, no pain" dentistry! Their new waterlase iplus dental laser uses a water-based laser beam to cut and treat the area without direct contact. This means your patients may no longer require anesthesia. It also means the Waterlase laser produces 98% aerosols compared to traditional dental drills.

With over 80 different procedures the laser can achieve, it's not only a more PAINLESS and silent experience for our patients (and raving reviews!) but more work can be achieved in a smaller amount of time.

Do more dentistry more efficiently and faster!
- Remove veneers in less than a minute, crowns in less than 5
- Faster frenectomies
- Less postoperative complications and superior prognosis with implants 
- Easier crown-lengthening to deliver beautiful, more esthetic smiles. 

With insurance companies and corporate practices constantly slashing dental fees, I know I need to differentiate myself from the competition in providing  quality dentistry. Click the link below to test-drive the waterlase risk-free for 45 days to see the results for yourself! 

Biolase Exclusive Trail

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